Name: Misun Jung Thompson

Subject: PYP Visual Arts (PreK- PYP 5)


I am originally from Seoul, South Korea although my husband is from New Zealand. I have one younger brother who is a vet and my parents live in Seoul.

I graduated SunHwa Arts High School(1997), visual arts in University(Degree,2001) and Child Psychological Therapy in Graduate school(Master,2005). I also went to the university in the United States for studying English.

I have taught visual arts to children in Primary school since 1998 and I also was an art therapist for children and adult patients at school and also the clinic center.

My motto for teaching is that the student knows the techniques they can use for developing personal art projects including other subjects, and making children have self-confidence when they start art works.

My husband and I moved to Wroclaw in Poland in 2006. We are really enjoying our life in Europe. Now we have a son who was born(2010) in Wroclaw. We are really happy to be in WIS in Wroclaw.

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