PYP artist of the week
Artist: Grade 1/ Paula
Grade 1 students learnt about the artist Amedeo Modigliani. Modigliani loved African art and African masks which had long oval faces, long neck and large eyes. The postures and bodies he painted were also slim and tall.The students drew a person in the primitive art style during art class.
Students used patterns and fantasy. They also used a variety of oil pastel techniques. Please look carefully at Paula's self portrait. She portrayed herself very well using Modigliani's art style.

Week 4
Artist: Grade 2/ Hugh
The sunflowers

Grade 2 students learnt about perspective in art during art class. One of the perspectives in art is different emotions through art. The students
were discussing Vincent Van Gogh’s art. Here is Hugh Oyanagi’s portrayal of a sunflower. He has attempted to show his emotion through the painting
using brush strokes, colours and the positions of the flowers. Can you feel his emotion?

Week 5
Artist: Grade 2/ HoJin Lee
The imaginary bird

The artist of the week is HoJin Lee from Grade 2.Grade 2 students learnt about paper print making this week, the theme was "The Imaginary brid".
During the art class, the students had to know mirror image, print making process and printing tools such as a roller and an inking plate. The
students enjoyed when they made prints using the tools.Here is HoJin's art, she created her imaginary bird using cardboard. When she finished her bird
she used blue tempera paints to print the art work.

Week 6
Artist: Grade 4 /Yeo Yool Kim
Radial name design

Artist Grade 4 Yeo Yool Kim, The title of the art is "Radial name design".Grade 4 students started learning about colors in design. They used a ruler, colored pencils, colored markers and paints. The students tried to make their names spinning on a paper. All the students tried hard to draw and color in exact outlines. They also applied shading in their names.

Week 7
Artist: Grade 1/ Mateusz Zygadlo
Artist of the week is Grade 1 Mateusz Zygadlo. Grade 1 students learnt about animals in art. We chose an owl. The students learnt how to draw an owl and
build it in 3D. We made an owl fridge magnet during art class. Here is Mateusz's drawing of an owl at night time. He also drew a baby owl who was
learning to fly!

Week 8
Artist: Kindergarten/ Harriet Mieleniewski

Kindergarten students explored printing tools,such as rollers, inking plates, tempera paintsand sponges. First the sudents tried to create
a certain figure using a roller with tempera paints. They also used different shaped sponges to find details. When they finished all
the experimenting, most students found other shapes, so they changed their titles. After all their work dried completely , the students
drew additional figures to help to explain their art, using drawing materials. Harriet Mieleniewski found many different sea
creatures and she drew many details. Please have a look at Harriet’s beautiful fish.

Week 9
Artist: Grade 4/ Satomi
Human Rights Poster by Satomi Kotera, Grade 4. Grade 4 students learnt about poster color application during art classes.
It was a design unit (stands alone) but also related to the Unit of Inquiry. All the students studied about human rights during the Unit of Inquiry.
They drew and made posters to pass their thoughts. We focused on how to express the message with simple drawings and colors. The students were allowed to use only 6 colors including black and white when they created their poster. Satomi wanted to tell people how important is the right to live together.

Week 11
Artist: Grade 3/ Adam
Artist of the week is Adam from Garde 3.
The sunflowers
Grade 3 students learnt about oil pastel application during art class. All students received the sunflower drawing to practice oil pastels. They also
practiced how to represent brush strokes, especially, Van Gogh's brush strokes. The students also through about daily feeling and emotional colors
to show through the sunflowers. Adam has 3 sunflowers and she also put different feeling for three flowers. Can you tell what emotions Adam wants to show?

Week 13
Artist of the week is Jack Falkestrom from Pre-K.
The rainbow fish
Pre-Kindergarten students listened to the story ’The Rainbow Fish’ and then drew a rainbow fish using oil pastels and glittered glue. They tried to
put many different colors on the rainbow fish scales. The students also drew some sea creatures such as octopus, little fish, starfish, and seashells.
Jack worked very hard when he drew and colored on his art. Please look carefully at his beautiful rainbow fish.

Week 15
This week's artist of the week is Otto Konkarikoski from Grade 4. Grade 4 students had 2-week-drawing lessons for UoI: Discovering Wroclaw.
They picked one of the famous sites in Wroclaw and drew the Landscape view. All students learnt and used soft pastels. They learnt how to
mix colors, how to put shading and how to make smoothing soft pastels. Please enjoy Otto's drawing of the most characteristic place in Wroclaw, Rynek.

Week 16
My dream transportation from Gustav (Kindergarten)
Kindergarten students built lots of means of transportation during art classes and they had time to draw imaginary transportation which would
happen in a few 100 years time. Gustav drew a flying bike in the sky. There are lots of clouds around his bike.

Week 18
Artist of the week: Amelia Filip (Grade 4)
Paul Cezanne and Still Life
Grade 4 students learned about still life composition, such as the triangle and the pyramid position. Amelia brought some objects from home: a fluffy
doll and some fruit and vegetables. She also used other objects the teacher offered. When she finished her drawing, she had to learn and apply
her water color painting skills by putting shading, shadows and light effects. Amelia also learned how to use brushes and a pallet.
She and her classmates, all enjoyed learning still life even though it was the first time for them. It was hard work. Please take a look at her brush strokes !

Week 20
This week’s artist of the week is Jeongu from PreKindergarten. PreKindergarten students drew a cat which had a lot of different patterns on.
Jeongu drew and painted a yellow and brown cat. The cat has a bell, a long tail and a beautiful smile.

Week 22
Grade 3 students have learnt about Greek Art during art class. Greek art is famous for painted pottery, sculpture, and architecture. We picked the
painted pottery art form for learning. There are four different art periods during the period of ancient Greek history. These are the Geometric period,
Archaic Period, Classical Period, and Hellenistic period. Each of them have different characteristics and each student picked one of them to produce
2D and 3D Greek pottery designs. For the design, Anna chose Geometic period to created her pottery. She also used some patterns from the books.
She painted and drew with tempera paints and a perment marker. Now she is ready to create 3D Greek pottery using the paper mache method.

Week 23
Action Painting. Joshua created an expressionism art piece. He used vivid colors and a string. We studied a new style of art. We had to look through
all the other famous art styles from the Renaissance to Pop Art. Jackson Polluck’s art was one of the famous Modern art styles (1940’s). His art and
Joshua’s look a bit messy and easy, but this is a very difficult thing to get right. Joshua and Jackson Pollock both tried to invent a whole new way of
painting. Joshua tried not to use a brush and moved around when he painted. This is called Action Painting because it is much more energetic than the old
fashioned way of painting. What do you think Joshua was feeling when he painted his new artwork? Excitement? Anger? Confusion?

Week 26
Our artist of the week is Dhaya from Grade 5. Grade 5 students have been studying about Impressionism and brush strokes. Before starting brush
strokes work with paints, they learned how impressionism started. For this reason, they had to look at other artist's pointillism art which made impressionist artists start to find their own idea. The teacher suggested the topic as a landscape so the students could remember that many impressionists painted
outdoor. Dhaya found a sunset view photo with the bridge. She represented sunset view with silhouettes on a river. She only used cotton buds and tempera paints instead of brushes. Can you feel that moment? Do you feel that Dhaya's emotions were captured in this piece of art work?

Week 27
This week's artist of the week is Daniel Helfmeier— G4. The students had 2-week-drawing lessons for UoI: Discovering Wroclaw.
They picked one of the famous sites in Wroclaw and drew the landscape view. All students learnt and used soft pastels. They learnt how to mix colors, how to put
shading and how to make smoothing soft pastels.Please enjoy Daniel's drawing of the most characteristic place in Wroclaw.

Week 29
Artist of the week is Sakura Kanatani from G1.Grade 1 students have completed scratch art containing beautiful flowers and a vase with other objects. They learned about 3 different things during this unit, still life, scratch art, and vase design. All the students tried to make different vase designs followed by an accurate drawing of
their observations.

Artist of the week is Seoung Myeon from Grade 5. Impressionism Grade 5 students learnt about Impressionism art. Impressionism started mid-19 century and it was a very different art style at that time. Because this art style was breaking the traditional rules in art, people did not want Impressionism art to be displayed in art galleries. Most of Impressionism art show outdoor landscape with light effects, capturing the moments rather than details. SeoungMyeon chose one of the famous paintings which has lots of brush strokes and he represented a beautiful sunset moment.

Week 33
Our Artist of the week is Saaya from Grade 3. Grade 3 students learned about Greek and Roman art and they focused on Greek pottery and Roman mosaic which
are the most well known art forms in the world. We still see lots of Roman style mosaics in Wroclaw. The students created their own mosaics. What is a mosaic? You need to use little pieces to create a mosaic design. What little pieces do you come up with if you want to make one? Grade 3 students thought of stamps, colored paper, beans, peas, rice, corn, glass and wooden pieces. Saaya used colored paper to create her mosaic,the turtle.

Week 34
This week's artist of the week is Natacha Kut-Chkaiban — G4. The students had 2-weekdrawing lessons for UoI: Discovering Wroclaw.They picked one of the famous sites in Wroclaw and drew the landscape view. All students learnt and used soft pastels. They learnt how to mix colors, how to put shading and how to
make smoothing soft pastels. Please enjoy Natacha's drawing of the most characteristic place in Wroclaw.

Week 35
Artist of the week is Suwon from Pre Kindergarten.During art classes, pre-kindergarten students listened to the story "Let's have a swim!". This story is one of the most familiar stories for the prekindergarten students. When the teacher read this book, children listened very carefully and they had to think of the most interesting part. Suwon picked one part of this story which is: "The crocodile jumped in. The buffalo jumped out. The Baboon jumped out". Suwon drew a crocodile in his
picture that showed the rain forest as well.If you wish to read this big book, please come and visit the Pre-school classroom.