2012-2013 PYP artist of the week

14 September 2012
Olivia from Grade 1
Modigliani art style portrait:

Grade 1 students learnt about the artist Amedeo Modigliani. Modigliani loved African art and African masks which had long oval faces, long neck and large almond eyes. The postures and bodies he painted were also slim and tall.The students drew a person in the primitive art style during art class.

Students used patterns and fantasy. They also used a variety of oil pastel and soft pastel techniques. Please look carefully at Olivia's portrait. She portrayed her mum very well using Modigliani's art style.

21 September 2012
Sakura Kanatani from Grade 2.

Perspective in Art.

Grade 2 students learnt about perspective in art during art classes. For the first lesson, they had to think what 1 point perspective means. They learnt that there is a vanishing point, a horizontal line and figures to show near and far in landscape. Sakura created a picture ‘ A way to the Zoo’ using these requirements to show 1 point perspective. She was supposed to draw big figures to represent closeness and small figure to show depth. She accomplished all these requirements.

27 September 2012
Kindergarten Class

Kindergarten's friendship Rainbow fish

The kindergarten students are learning about Friendship in their class UoI.
The ESL teacher helped the class to read The Rainbow Fish and talked about what friendship is for them, and how they could build friendship at school. When they finished writing about their thoughts with the ESL teacher, they decorated their writing as a rainbow fish during art class. Each of students had only one paper to make a fish scale, and some of them worked together to make a head, fins and tails. The students used paints, colored markers, crayons and some glitter. Isn't it a beautiful fish?

12 October 2012
SeoHyun Park from Grade 4

An early-20th-century movement in painting was intoduced by a group of French artists. The use of bold, often distorted forms and vivid colors were characteristic to their style. Grade 4 students have studied Henri Matisse and Fauvism, they were allowed to use either warm colors or cool colors. SeoHyun used warm colors
such as red, yellow, and orange to draw the Bezyma Campus yard.

5 Novemebr 2012

SaeRim Kim from Grade 5

SaeRim Kim from Grade 5. G5 students learned about how to draw hands using pencils.They akk observed their own hands during art classes. The teacher have shown them how to draw and how to shade on different hand positions. After lots of practices of hand drawing, the students had a short lesson of the Surralism art. If I introduce about Surrealism, here is a short word about it. Surrealists(such as Salvador Dali) mixed and matched real objects in unusal or impossible combinations but painted (colored) objects in a realistic way. SaeRim had lots of practices for drawing and shading hands at the school and home.She also appled her drawing skills on her own project with her own idea. Although she had to reconsider of the topics, she completed a great piece of art.

16 November 2012

Akino from Grade 4

Artis of the week is Akino from Grade 4. Grade 4 students learned about a soft pastel application during their art class. All the students studied about Wroclaw during their previous unit of inquiry and they chose a famous site in Wroclaw to draw. Although the application of soft pastels required hard techniques, the students completed their art nicely. Akino drew Tumski bridge on the Odra River. Please look carefully how Akino expressed the water reflections.

30 November 2012

Ida Falkestrom - Grade 2

Grade 2 students learnt how to create a tree using water color application during art class. They observed an apple tree outside of our school first,then they had an actual drawing lesson "How to draw a tree and how to recompose the tree". Although the students felt that drawing techniques and water color application were hard to apply, they all produced a good piece of art. Ida used lots of brush strokes, different colors in shading to express her own tree, and she also drew some animals you might see at the

14 January 2013

JunYoung Jang from Grade 3

Grade 3 students learned about Van Gogh. Van Gogh was an impressionist and
he used lots of brush strokes when he painted. Grade 3 represented Van
Gogh's art style using oil pastels and a black piece of paper. Here is Jun
Young's starry night. He recomposed Van Gogh's sketches and colors that he

25 January 2013

Suzuka Tomitaka from PreKindergarten