3rd Trimester Tuesday and Thursday

Week 30-31

Unit 9 : 3D sculpture(2) - Sea creatures


Unit 10: Animals in danger - UoI

Week 23-27

Unit 9: 3D Paper Sculpture(1)
-Building a giant 3D paper Sculpture with a partner.
G2 paper Sculpture2.jpg
G2 paper Sculpture1.jpg

2nd Trimester Tuesday and Thursday

Please bring some newspaper by 20th, March !
Week 23
Unit 9: 3D Paper Sculpture.
-Paper Sculpture techniques.
-Building a 3D Paper Sculpture.
-Building a giant 3D paper Sculpture with a partner.
G3 Sculpture2.jpg
G2 Sculpture1.jpg

Week 21-22
Unit 8: My future job
Drawing of my future job and dream.

Week 19-20
Unit 7: Symmetry art

Week 16-18
Unit 6: Sign and symbols(class UoI) - Design and color match
1) Color Wheel / Complimentary colors/Primary colors/ Secondary colors
2) Create a spring concert logo. - competition.

Week 14-15
Unit 5: Cityscape and fireworks
To practice of drawing buildings and shading each shapes, the students will draw a cityscape.

Week 10-13
Unit 4: Origami Art
Children will be able to use only paper resource to create an art. At the same time, they will learn origami techniques & weaving, and will also develop fine motor skills.

Week 8-9
Unit 3: Autumn trees-soft pastel application
Drawing observational drawing of the apple tree. This unit is also related for learning soft pastel applications.
G2 drawing outisde.jpg
Week 7
The students will decorate background and an Imaginary bird using colored markers and soft pastels.
Practice Soft pastels.

Week 5-6
Unit 2: Paper print making
The students will be able to know what print making is, what methods we have, and how process will be. This unit will be focused about introduction of the print making and the process of the paper print making. The children will understand some new words'mirror image', 'roller','printing' and 'multiful printing'.
Topic:Imaginary bird

G2 printing.jpg
paper printing 1
G2 Printing2.jpg
G2 printing3.jpg
G2 Printing4.jpg

Week 1-4

  • Pre-Assessment : Scavenger Hunt of 3 different paintings. Each painting shows different emotion and basic elements of art.
  • Key words : Foreground , Middle-ground, Background, Patterns, Textures, Emotions, and Shapes.

Unit 1 : Two ways Perspective in Art
1) Horizontal line : One point perspective drawing.
2) Pablo Picasso and his blue period/pink period in his paintings.
Vocabulary : horizontal line, perspective, far, near, landscape,Sad colors(dark colors),happy colors(bright colors), Brush strokes